Update on Budget Restrictions - July 29, 2009

The Office of Business Affairs has received additional information from the Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM) as a follow-up to Friday's Executive Order from Governor Perdue. Institutions and agencies, including Appalachian, will be required to submit items for approval prior to issuing the purchase order or making the purchase.

A link, which is included below, will take you to a "FAQ" document (pdf) received from the OSBM. Hopefully, this document will help us all understand how we might proceed to prepare for the opening of the Fall 2009 Semester.

Also, links are provided to three Excel files:

  1. Request for (In-State)Travel and Purchases (that relate DIRECTLY to the classroom experience, or that are matters of public safety)
  2. Report of Special Personnel Exceptions (that relate DIRECTLY to the students' educational experience, or that are matters of public safety)
  3. Request of OSBM for Approval of Other Items (all other matters and out-of-state travel).

Guidelines for Proceeding with Our Operations
The spirit of the Governor's Executive Order is to provide funding to the University for "direct classroom instruction" and other *critical* institutional needs that allows us to prepare for our students' arrival and their instructional experiences, but to delay other supporting purchases/hiring until the General Assembly adopts a budget.

Thus, you will need to complete Forms 1, 2, and/or 3 weekly until the Executive Order is lifted. The forms will be due to your Vice Chancellor (or Chancellor if your area reports to him) by 9 a.m. each Friday for his/her review (departments and units may have earlier deadlines for submittal to department heads or Deans). This is a firm deadline and is established to provide opportunity for review in order to assure the administrative leadership at Appalachian that our actions are within the terms of the Executive Order. (Forms received after this hour may be delayed for submission to State Budget until the following cycle.) It would be helpful to have only one set of documents from each unit. Forms from departments in Academic Affairs should be submitted to Tim Burwell (burwellth@appstate.edu); for Business Affairs, Betsy Payne (paynebp); for the Chancellor's Division, Kathy Roark (roarkkb); for Student Development, Bob Feid (feidrk); and for University Advancement, Cel Strickland (stricklndcf).

Please develop these documents within the explicit spirit of the Governor's Executive Order, and please provide justification that clearly outlines the relationship between the transaction and our instructional responsibilities. If the justification is not clear, the document will be returned for further information.

Please do not submit items that are in the "not allowable" column of the "FAQ document." Expenditures for items that are marked "Allowable" or that are marked "by OSBM Exception Only" on this document should be entered on the Excel workbook. These will be submitted to OSBM each Monday. OSBM is requiring one week for review. You will be notified if there is a problem with any item submitted. The only exceptions to the reporting requirements are ongoing payroll items, utilities, financial aid, and debt service.

Finally, please keep in mind that once a State Budget is adopted and budget reductions are implemented, we anticipate having full use of our 2009-10 budgeted funds.

Of particular note: