Calendar Year 2021 Memorandums

2021-05Appalachian Police Department Labor Rates for FY2205/24/21
2021-04Facilities Operations Labor Rates for FY2205/24/21
2021-03FY21 Closing Dates03/18/21
2021-02Employees Working Outside of North Carolina02/22/21
2021-01Chrome River Travel System                                                                 02/01/21

Calendar Year 2020 Memorandums

2020-03FY21 Chrome River Travel System Implementation Timeline11/05/20
2020-02FY21 Facilities Operations Labor Rates06/11/20
2020-01FY20 Closing Dates                                                                                           05/13/20

Calendar Year 2019 Memorandums

2019-01Change in OSBM Mileage Reimbursement Rate                                                01/14/19
2019-02FY19 Closing Dates03/05/19
2019-03Total Contract Manager Electronic Submissions04/04/19
2019-04Physical Plant Labor Rate Increase (effective 07/01/19)04/29/19
2019-05Travel Subsistence Rates for FY20 and 3rd Party Lodging09/22/19