COVID-19 Expense FAQs

Each update reflects the latest guidance as of that date and time stamp. Please note this is a rapidly developing situation. Links provided direct to the latest information available. Note that printed information may be out of date, and always defer to communications with the most recent time and date stamp.

Updated March 18, 2020

Procedures for Processing Travel Transactions

Please see the Controller's Office Travel website for more information regarding temporary procedures for processing travel-related transactions.

Updated March 17, 2020

Instructions for Electronic Form Submission (Budget Office)

Effective immediately, all Requests for Budget Revision forms will be processed and approved electronically via email until further notice. This also applies to Fund Authority Forms and Position Budget Transfer forms. The forms are located on the Budget Office website in Excel format ( Please see the instructions for electronic submission below for details. 

Academic Affairs

Departmental initiators should complete the requisite form(s), all of which may be downloaded in Excel format on the Budget Office website here. Please attach any supporting documentation to an email which should be sent to your Chair for approval. The Chair will need to forward the email along to the Dean's Office along with a statement indicating approval. Likewise, the Dean’s Office will then need to forward the email, along with a statement of approval, to Academic Affairs (Sandi Jones). Please note, you must forward the email in order for the form to make it to Academic Affairs.  

Supporting documents can be printed as a PDF file and attached to email by selecting "print" and choosing the Adobe PDF options as the printer (see screenshot below).   


Once approved by the divisional CFO (Talana Bell), the form will be electronically routed onto the Budget Office for final approval & processing. Please contact Sandi Jones ( should you have questions regarding the process by which these forms should be submitted electronically to Academic Affairs.  

 All Other Divisions

Departmental initiators should complete the requisite form(s), all of which may be downloaded in Excel format on the Budget Office website here. Upon completion, please attach and submit the form via email to your respective divisional business officer for VC approval. 

Divisional Business Officers: During this period, an email response indicating the Vice Chancellor's approval will suffice in lieu of a signature. Please attach and submit the completed form to along with your VC's email approval included in the email string. 

Please contact Sharon Yates or Jennifer Geouque (see contact info) should you have any questions.    


Updated March 11, 2020

With regard to any coronavirus-related expenses that your respective divisions may incur, please instruct your departments to continue covering these expenses with existing available funds, while also ensuring that these costs are being properly tracked and documented. Prior to fiscal year-end, these charges will be reviewed and qualified expenses may be transferred over to a central emergency management fund. Questions about this may be directed to the Budget Office staff, which can be contacted here.

Account Codes

The Controller's Office has established the following account codes to track purchases related to State emergencies:

  • 729902 - Supplies and Materials ST EMRG
  • 786704 - Emergency Services ST EMRG
  • 755931 - Other Equipment ST EMRG
  • 755952 - Other Equipment - FAS ST EMRG (Capital Asset)

Departments should use these accounts based upon instructions provided by supervisors or Emergency Management staff. Please be aware that if we are ultimately in a position to centrally reimburse the divisions for expenses charged to these accounts, a comprehensive review of these expenses will be performed.

Travel Cancellation Charges

Per the State Budget Manual, State funds may be used to cover travel cancellation costs "in the event of accidents, serious illness, or death within the employee's immediate family or other critical circumstances beyond the control of the employee." Any cancellations due to COVID-19 would constitute a critical circumstance beyond the employee's control, and State funds may be used to cover these costs. Documentation of the event cancellation will be required to be submitted along with the travel reimbursement form.

Sanitary/Cleaning Supply Expenses

The university's Facilities Operations and Emergency Management teams are placing hand sanitizing stations in campus facilities, and prioritizing cleaning residence halls, classrooms, laboratory spaces, offices, public spaces and other frequently used facilities and equipment. Departments may place work orders via Environmental Services for cleaning/sanitizing services in high-traffic areas, as well as computer labs, testing/writing centers, etc. but not for personal or office use.

The purchase of these items is allowable if they are communal in nature and can be shared in common areas as opposed to purchasing these items for specific employees. There are no restrictions prohibiting the use of discretionary Foundation funds to purchase these items if needed.

No special flexibility at this time allows state funds to be used to purchase those sanitary items which the state has previously considered to be "personal use" items (e.g. hand sanitizer, tissues, wipes, etc.).

Should faculty/staff feel that surfaces in their classrooms or work spaces are in need of attention, departments are encouraged to contact Facilities Operations or their respective housekeeper(s) to request additional cleaning services as necessary.

The Budget Office will continue provide updates on any further coronavirus-related budget guidance or flexibility.